Friday, October 01, 2004

C-SPAN callers

I don't know why I torture myself by tuning in to C-SPAN when they are taking calls. I know that there will eventually be some boneheaded comments made. It happens without fail everytime I watch. Today it was a guy who couldn't understand why Bush's podium was higher on his TV screen during last night's debate. (C-SPAN presented the debate in split-screen.) The host tried to explain that the podiums were the same height and because Kerry is taller than Bush, the cameras need to zoom out more to get him all in frame. This resulted in his podium appearing lower. The caller was convinced that this was some sort of plot by the media to make President Bush look better than Kerry. Yes, you read that right. The caller claimed that the media was biased in favor of Bush.

I have to wonder if the caller came from either the evil alternate "Star Trek" universe (where President Bush no doubt has an evil-looking goatee) or Bizarro Superman's homeworld.


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