Thursday, October 21, 2004

Democratic candidate's son caught stealing signs in Hawaii

I really don't need to comment much on this story (make sure to check out the pictures). It speaks for itself. I do want to say that I think someone's campaign is about to hit rock bottom.

This election season, thousands of dollars worth of political signs have been stolen, defaced or otherwise trashed at an alarming rate from people's homes and private property.


But recently, on Primary Election day in late September, an amazing thing happened. One of the "criminals" was caught in the act -- and caught on film.

Most interestingly, the culprit, Mike Golojuch Jr., is a frequent letter writer and spokesperson for his version of civil rights and free speech. He was caught stealing the signs of Rep. Mark Moses, R-Kapolei, for which Moses reported him to the police and filed a complaint.

Most relevant, Mike Golojuch Jr., who ran for state House in 2002, is the son of the woman who is currently the opponent of Moses in the state House race to represent Kapolei.


Meanwhile, Moses and his son, who are standing nearby waving to motorists passing by in traditional Hawaiian campaign style, ask Mike Golojuch Jr. to give the political signage back, but he refuses saying they are on public property, and then drives away, laughing at the Moses family.


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