Tuesday, December 28, 2004

ATTN. Wonkette fans: you are being duped

Wonkette's a phony. She's purely a creation of marketing and nothing more than a means of revenue for Gawker Media, a publishing firm. Well-researched information - including words directly from the horses' mouths - can be found here.

UPDATE: Welcome Wonkers! You're free to share your positive or negative opinions here, but I politely ask that you act like the guests you are and keep the language clean. Thank you. (I've editted the language out of a few posts already. If you don't like it, too bad. Send complaints to the appropriate authorities.)

UPDATE 2: In reading through the comments, I think a lot people are missing the point. I don't care if people make money off their blogs. I wouldn't mind making money off mine, but that's not my motivation with my blogs and my life in general. Neither should that be the motivation for real bloggers who aren't the creation of some marketing scheme. Come on. I mean the whole idea of not making Wonkette public until she, her boss, and probably her husband and others finalized the "style" and "feel" of it? It's a sham. Cox is being paid to play a role that is supposed to be appealing to her "clientele" (a term that makes her sound like a prostitute, ironically enough). Do you think she really cares a lot about what she comments on or does she care more about the bottom line?

If all blogs that make money one way or another suddenly did not make money, which ones do you think would be more likely to continue to exist? I guarantee that once Wonkette becomes unprofitable, it either will change its format or will cease to exist.

One final note: since Cox is only playing a role in order to draw "clientele," she is expendable. Someone else could learn the "style" and "feel" of the site, take her place, and no one would be the wiser.

UPDATE 3: It's interesting... All these angry, venomous, insult-filled comments by Wonkers and they have the utter gall to claim that I'm the one in need of "a stiff drink, some sedatives and a better sense of humor." Lighten up, kids. Don't burst a blood vessel over me.

BTW, Wonkers, my request that you watch the language was not made for my benefit, but for the benefit of other visitors to my blog, some of whom could be children. Contrary to your straw man ideas about "the typical conservative," I'm no prude and I have been known to swear like a sailor from time to time. I just don't do it in public, in polite company or around children. This is not your blog and you don't make the rules. I do and I have politely requested that you follow them. If you can't refrain from either swearing or trying to criticize me about my rules, then I suggest that you not comment and leave my blog. Go swear on your own blog. I have better things to do than babysit malcontents who feel that the only rules that apply to them are their own. I don't like banning people from commenting, but I will do it if I have to.

UPDATE 4: You can't say they weren't warned. I've cleaned out the vulgar, trollish comments and banned those responsible. It's nice to know how far politeness, a preemptive "thank you," and an explanation of why I expect people to respect and follow my rules here all go with some Wonkette fans. As I said in the comments, "garbage in, garbage out."

UPDATE 5: As Karl rightfully pointed out in the comments, there was an editting snafu very early this morning (sometime around 1 a.m.). Somehow I accidentally moved a block of text from "Update 2" to the initial paragraph. The error has been corrected.

FINAL UPDATE: I'm moving on from this subject as I find that it has pretty much run its course. I would like to refer people to my latest post where I actually say something nice about Ms. Cox.

NON-UPDATE: Nothing new about this issue, but I'd just like to point out this recent post where I thank Ms. Cox for increasing my visibility and hits. Also, I wish to invite guests to visit the rest of my blog. Perhaps you'll see something else you like hate. Please feel free to comment, but as always, keep it fairly clean. Thank you.

VERY BELATED UPDATE: I should try to dig up the original comments I had gotten before I switched to Haloscan so all of you Daily Pundit visitors can witness the disgusting vitriol of Ana Marie Cox's fans.


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