Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Reuters distorts religion to justify Christian-bashing

David Limbaugh exposes some more media bias against Christians by Reuters:

Experts: Men Distort Religion to Justify 'Honour' Killings

While most cases are reported in Muslim countries, "honor" violence also occurs among Christian families, delegates said.

"After we got married, Hell started," a Christian woman from the Middle East, identified only as Maria, said in a video tape.

Beaten and raped for questioning her husband's business practices, she fled to Sweden when he threatened to sell her into prostitution.


But some experts believe any male-dominated religion, in which God and his prophets or apostles are male figures, creates conditions for the subordination and abuse of women.

Reuters goes on to cite only one person as a supposed "expert" on this issue. She says, "Catholicism does not directly support or oppose violence against women. But there are indirect links through culture which is strongly based on religion." Uh, yeah. "Indirect links." Whatever. She goes on to say, "It is a structure based on patriarchal domination of God the Father and the less important role of women can be seen for example in the letters of Saint Paul." That just goes to show she doesn't understand Paul's letters or the rest of the Bible. Women have different roles than men, but they are definitely not less important in the Bible.


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