Monday, March 21, 2005

NYT calls death by starvation "peaceful," "gentle," "dignified"

Via Michelle Malkin:

N.Y. Times: Starvation Death Not Painful
The newspaper that was most outraged over photos of Iraqi terrorist suspects being mistreated by U.S. soldiers at Abu Ghraib prison said Sunday that the two-week-long starvation-execution of Terri Schiavo will cause her "little discomfort."

"From the data that is available, it is not a horrific thing at all," Dr. Linda Emanuel, the founder of the Education for Physicians in End-of-Life Care Project at Northwestern University, told the New York Times. "In fact, declining food and water is a common way that terminally ill patients end their lives, because it is less painful than violent suicide and requires no help from doctors," the paper maintains.

The Times also cites Dr. Sean Morrison, a professor of geriatrics and palliative care at Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York, who insists that starvation victims "generally slip into a peaceful coma."

"It's very quiet, it's very dignified - it's very gentle," he adds.

Uh-huh. Right. Sure. I guess that means that we can no longer prosecute people who starve unwanted animals to death since it's not cruel. Yep, it's a "peaceful, "gentle," "dignified" death that causes "little discomfort" for the animals. The minute you hear the hypocritical liberals start backing that argument en masse, Hell will have frozen over. No, they will go on defending the state-sanctioned starvation-murder of Terri Schaivo and call it "peaceful," "gentle" and "dignified." Then they will turn around and call for the severest punishment under the law for anyone who starves animals. If that doesn't clearly show you the sick and twisted mindset of these people, little else will.

ADDENDUM: Oh, yes. Let's not forget about Hitler. Remember all those photos and films we've seen of the deathly gaunt starving Jews in his death camps? He wasn't such a bad guy for doing that, since it was "peaceful," "gentle" and "dignified."


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