Wednesday, April 06, 2005

CC again (it's like shooting fish in a barrel)

Canadian Cynic "thinks" I'm supporting the physical threatening of judges in my defense of Sen. Tom DeLay against the ridiculous accusations of Sen. Frank Lautenberg. I tell you, if CC didn't have straw man arguments, he wouldn't have much on his blog.

I'll state it again: there is absolutely no way that DeLay's comment could be understood by any rational and truly reality-based individual as a threat of physical violence against U.S. judges. Anyone who does see it that way is either a lunatic or a liar. Possibly both. Judges can face legal consequences just like any other government employee. They can face punishment up to and including the loss of their jobs. That, my fellow reality-based conservatives, is what DeLay was refering to, not some idiotic straw man cooked up by far-left liberals desperately looking for something - anything - to criticize conservatives over.

Seriously, liberals. Had DeLay actually threatened U.S. judges with physical violence, it would be all over the news and he'd be in jail right now. The fact that your beloved mainstream media isn't jumping on your supposed scoop should tell you something. If not, then you are not reality-based by any stretch of the imagination.


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