Thursday, August 04, 2005

For the clueless: Susan Torres ≠ Terri Shiavo

I knew it would eventually happen. I'm actually surprised it took this long, though. A liberal has tried to make a direct comparison between Susan Torres and Terri Schiavo. From the comments:
Wait a minute. Her mother was allowed to die because she was in a coma. What gives?

No congressional investigation? No praying for an act of God? No "glasses of water"?

Frist? No diagnosis? No clean bill of health?

No Faux Nobel Prize Nominees on Fox?

Dude, her brain had not deteriorated to the point of blindness and functional death, yet you said nothing while THOSE PEOPLE MURDERED HER!!! WWTSD? What Would Terri Shiavo Do, Jinx?
Brandon Snark

No, Brandon, Mrs. Torres wasn't in a coma. She wasn't even in a PVS. She was brain dead and on life support. Terri Schiavo was not on life support. Unlike Michael Schiavo, Mr. Torres allowed doctors to thoroughly examine her and determine her condition before she died and didn't pick and choose doctors favorable to an anti-life position. Mr. Torres was not fighting tooth and nail for his wife's death without her condition being determined without question.
Alright, Jinx. You have posted several times without letting me know why I am apparently "stupid" for daring to compare Shiavo to this woman. It's obvious that you were entirely full of it.

Oh, gosh. I'm SOOOOOOOOO sorry, Brandon. I'm obviously in the wrong in working in my own time and in my own way instead of yours. Please, please, PLEASE forgive me!
The only time you reply to anything I say is when you think you have a point. The overwhelming majority of the time, you are wrong. This case is no different.

Oh, do shut up, would you? Your pompous displays of ego are sickening.
Both of the woman were declared brain dead with no chance of recovering. Both were allowed to die.

Terri was not braindead. PVS is not the same as brain death. I'm honestly not surprised you don't know the difference.

Also, Terri's condition was not determined until after she was "allowed to die." It's always cute when you liberals put the cart before the horse.
Everything that right wingers claimed regarding Shiavo turned out to be false. Frist declared, on the Senate floor no less, that Shiavo responded to visual stimuli. Wrong, she was blind.

She was blind at the time of her death. The ME who did the autopsy could not say what the condition of her brain and its functioning were like 15 years ago.
Some doctor claimed to be a Nobel nominee who could save her, but he was lying on both accounts.

I fail to see what that has to do with anything here.
It was claimed that Michael Shiavo was an abusive husband when, in reality, he took care of her for five years without letting her get a single bed sore (do you know how difficult that is?). Bruises were from her accident. The right was wrong.

Wow. Bedsores. What compassion! I mean, that's so much better than following through on promises to provide her with rehabilitative therapy - promises Michael made until he was handed a large cash award by the court.
The only conceivable difference is that some of Shiavo's primitive brain still functioned, allowing her body to stay alive. Some people used this fact to compare her to a quadriplegic. I'll give you a hint: People with non-functioning spinal cords are handicapped; people with non-functioning brains are dead.

Indeed. So you finally admit that Susan Torres - brain dead - and Terri Schiavo - PVS - are completely dissimilar. Well, no, you didn't outright admit that, but if you ever bother to critically examine your position and the facts of both cases, you'd see I'm right.

Now, Brandon, you *will* let this matter drop here. I will not stand for your or anyone else's disgusting usage of the memory of these two women for political purposes. I mean, Mrs. Torres hasn't even been buried yet. Man, you liberals are ghouls!


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