Monday, September 26, 2005

"Ashamed Republican" actually a LYING DEMOCRAT!!!

At the anti-Bush protests this weekend, there was a man holding a sign saying, "I'm a Republican and ashamed of this GOP." A photo can be viewed here:


And the denizens of the Democratic Underground can be seen singing his praises here:


The man's name is Jeb Eddy. "Crockspot," a poster on the Conservative Underground forums, Googled his name and came up with some interesting results:

Link (strong language warning)


The guy's actually a Democrat! And it is the same Jeb Eddy, as this story shows (scroll down - note the city):


He is also a former executive director and married to the current executive director of this progressive organizaton:


The Democratic Underground is trying to downplay this information, of course, but this guy has been donating to the Democrats since at least 1998. Has he really been an "ashamed Republican" for that long? Wouldn't most people just have changed their party affiliation before too long?

UPDATE: Word is starting to spread. Jeb Eddy's days pretending to be an "ashamed Republican" are numbered. ChronWatch just picked up the story here.

UPDATE 2: Welcome Wizbang readers! Glad to have you here.

UPDATE 3: The plot thickens. Jeb Eddy sent an email to ChronWatch contributor John Armor (who wrote the piece I linked to in the first update). Mr. Armor responds to Mr. Eddy's nonsensical rambling here. Note that at no point does Mr. Eddy - who claims to be a moderate Republican - address the fact that all the political donations made in the past 7 years in his and his wife's names have gone to the DNC and John Kerry's campaign - both about as far left as you can get these days without falling over. 7 years as an "ashamed Republican." 7 years of donations exclusively to Democrats. If it looks like a donkey, acts like a donkey and breys like a donkey, it ain't no elephant. Certainly, Mr. Eddy could be under some delusion that he's still a Republican, but rational people would just change their party affiliation. One has to wonder - especially since he never addressed the issue - that if he truly still thinks of himself as a Republican, why Mr. Eddy still holds on to the party name if he disagrees with them so much.

UPDATE 4: Remember, when you can't defend the lies of a man like Jeb Eddy, babble nonsensically.

UPDATE 5: I just really want to stress that 99.7% of the credit has to go to Conservative Underground poster "crockspot." He did all the work in digging up information about Jeb Eddy. All I did was help push the story into the limelight a bit.

UPDATE 6: This one's pretty cool. Check out the latest update (#2) on Wizbang's coverage. The news director for the San Francisco Chronicle web site said he removed the AP photo from their online stories. Sure enough, it's gone from here. Unfortunately, this misleading photo remains. The context behind that photo can be found here.

UPDATE 7: Babbling nonsensically seems to be chronic with this guy. "...they're making Eddy's own case for him. By arguing that Eddy is not really G.O.P. ilk -- mainly because he has given contributions to Democrats and doesn't believe in the current Republican leadership -- they contend that to be deemed worthy of the G.O.P. he must be a narrow-minded, Bible-thumping, war-mongering supporter of incompetence, cronyism and mismanagement." Um, okay. Whatever. (Yeah, "babbling nonsensically" is fairly redundant, but it helps stress how little sense the guy makes.)


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