Friday, September 02, 2005

When the call for clean up comes, the liberals can't flee fast enough

The Crawford Peace House has put out a request for people to help clean up the mess left behind by anti-Bush protesters:
Volunteers needed to help clean up Camp Casey and Peace House
Submitted by admin on Fri, 2005-09-02 09:05. Cindy Sheehan Aug 2005 action

We are in desperate need of folks capable of "heavy lifting" and willing to work to help us clean up, sort, pack, store and dispurse things now that Cindy's encampment is over. Please come Friday or Saturday for a work day, or contact us at 254-486-0099 for other scheduling.

This request has fallen on deaf ears. Not surprising. The request has had no responses posted to it. Ah, but what about the Democratic Underground? They were big time supporters of Cindy Sheehan, the Peace House and the anti-Bush protest. Some even went to the media circus... er... the solemn protest. Well, don't expect any of them to show up to help. Take a look. Fourteen replies ("kicking" is their way of keeping the discussion board threads at the top of the heap) and not a single person said they would help. You know what's going to happen? The person who owns the property they were squatting on these past few days is going to be stuck with the clean up and the city or county is going to be stuck with cleaning up the ditch Cindy and the protesters originally were in. How typical! What a bunch of worthless freeloaders! No wonder they wanted Kerry for prez. Birds of a feather and all that.

9/6 UPDATE FOR BRANDON: In the comments, Brandon complained that I didn't know "they didn't clean it up." So I just called the Peace House and politely asked them how many volunteers they got Friday and Saturday. Their exact response was, "It's kind of hard to tell. Probably about eight." Probably about eight. I am not the least bit surprised.


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