Monday, October 24, 2005

Separation of church and state apparently doesn't apply to black ministers and churches

The left's hypocrisy is exposed once again.

New Jersey Sen. Jon Corzine (news, bio, voting record), a former Wall Street executive with a portfolio worth $261 million, has been giving some of his money to black churches, raising questions about whether it's generosity or politics.

The Democrat, who is in a tight race for governor, donated or loaned more than $2.5 million last year to black churches. He has received the endorsement of more than two dozen black ministers.

Can you imagine if this had been a Republican candidate giving money to churches? He'd have been cooked to a crisp over the coals by now. And the churches and ministers who had endorsed him would be facing charges from the IRS. But for some reason, if you're a Democrat getting endorsements from black ministers, everything is quite alright.

[A "threefer" for Michelle.]


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