Sunday, February 12, 2006

ABA adds 1 and 1 and gets 5


Starts out with the results of a poll:
According to a poll commissioned by the American Bar Association and released today, 52 percent of respondents said that in the fight against terrorism, the President of the United States alone cannot suspend constitutional freedoms, with an additional 25 percent saying he must obtain authorization by a court of law or Congress.

And then takes a bizarre (but not surprising) turn:
Thus 77 percent of Americans express deep reservations about the president’s secret surveillance program.

Exactly how did they get from the poll results to that conclusion? What the heck???

UPDATE: I guess I have to spell it out for some people. The ABA's poll question (found here as a pdf file) asks about generic "constitutional freedoms." It does not specifically refer to President Bush's surveillance program, yet the ABA draws a specific conclusion about the program based upon the poll results. This is just plain dishonest. In fact, one could plug any issue regarding constitutional freedoms into the ABA's conclusion. That fact makes their conclusion fallacious and meaningless.


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