Monday, March 13, 2006

The final nail in the "Bush was warned about breaches" coffin

"Corps: Floodwall break caused by unforeseen stresses"

Let me repeat that headline with a little emphasis:

"Corps: Floodwall break caused by unforeseen stresses"

From the article:
Unprecedented high water pushed back the floodwall, which is set into the center of the earthen levee. Once water got between the floodwall and the front half of the levee, it effectively cut the levee in half lengthwise.

The floods then pushed the floodwall, and the half of the levee behind it, backward on a layer of soft clay below the surface, the Interagency Performance Evaluation Task Force report said.

The floodwall's design didn't include either the possibility that water could get between it and the levee or that the clay might be unstable, corps officials and others said in a news conference. And, they said, it took both to create the break: neither alone would have done it.

So when President Bush was being warned about possible overtopping, the scenario that played out and caused the breaches wasn't even on the minds of anyone.

The clay that failed was not brought in to build the levees. Rather, it is the naturally occurring 20-foot thick layer beneath the layer of sand and peat that analyses by other groups had targeted as a likely culprit for the break.

"The failure plane was not in the peat. It was in the clay below the peat. That became the weakest part of the system," Link said.

The original soil samples probably did not find the "zone of weakness" at the "toe" of the levee, the rear edge, where it slopes to level ground and private property, Link said.

No one knew about the weakness until the breaches happened.

Tell me, liberals, exactly how could President Bush have been warned about something that was unforeseen? How could President Bush have been warned about something that no one even knew about?

I eagerly look forward to your laughable replies. Perhaps you can get CanadianCynic to call me some more names. That's a really effective method to counter facts, reason and logic.

UPDATE: here.


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