Friday, March 31, 2006

Zogby poll: majority of Americans hold strong pro-life views

Poll: 59% Say Abortion Ends a Human Life
The survey, commissioned by Associated Television News and The O'Leary Report, included 30,117 respondents in the 48 contiguous states, and was conducted from March 10-14, 2006. It carries a margin of error of +/- 0.6 percentage points.


The poll found a majority of respondents on 16 of the 20 questions took an anti-abortion position, including:
  • Parental notification laws that were recently upheld by the Supreme Court (55% support for girls 18 yrs. & younger; 69% for girls 16 years old & younger; only 36% and 23% disagree respectively)
  • Abortion ends a human life (59% agree; 29% disagree)
  • The prohibition of federal funds for abortions abroad (69% agree with the prohibition; 21% disagree)
  • Abortion because of the sex of the fetus (86% agree should be illegal; 10% disagree should be illegal)
  • Requiring insurance plans to cover abortions where the life of the mother is not endangered (56% disagree with such a requirement; 12% agree)
  • When life begins (50% believe it begins at conception; 19% believe life begins at birth)
  • A new federal partial-birth abortion bill (50% want to see another bill; 39% don't want to see another bill)
  • Requiring counseling about a mother's options before undergoing an abortion (55% agree with such a counseling requirement; 37% disagree)
  • A 24-hour waiting period (56% agree with waiting period; 37% disagree)
  • Federal & state financing of abortions for poor women (51% disagree with financing; 37% agree)
  • Laws that charge a person who kills a pregnant woman with two murders (64% agree with such laws; 23% disagree)

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