Tuesday, April 18, 2006

My stand of solidarity with Michelle

The far-left loons are going bat-guano crazy over the fact that Michelle Malkin posted the contact information from a press release by a group called Students Against War (SAW). Apparently, some idiots thought they would be clever and send the group death threats and the left is claiming that Michelle instigated these threats because she posted the contact info. Nevermind that the info appeared on SAW's original press release and that left-wing websites also posted the info. The loons know for a fact that all these death threats came as a result of Michelle posting the information. End of story. Don't ask me how they know this. They just do. Don't question them. Just accept it.

So I'm starting a stand of solidarity with Michelle by also reposting the contact information. Note that this is done with the knowledge that the information was made public in the original press release, that the students named have not requested that the information be removed from Michelle's blog, and that if the students do actually contact Michelle and ask for the information to be removed and she removes it, I will remove it as well. Also note that my reposting of this information does not mean I support people of any political leaning making death threats against anyone else.

Here's the contact information:

Sam Aranke - 714-458-2471 - [email protected]
David Zlutnick – 805-698-6228 - [email protected]
Janine Carmona - 707-496-3530 - [email protected]


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