Wednesday, October 11, 2006

YouTube's bizarre censorship of conservative-themed videos

For a number of days now, Michelle Malkin and other conservative bloggers have been noting YouTube's rather odd choices regarding conservative videos. Completely inoffensive videos with conservative content are being flagged by other YouTube users as having "inappropriate content" (a process which YouTube claims is moderated, but is very obviously being abused). For example, this video lampooning the Clinton Administration and particularly Madeleine Albright. In fact, you can't even find that video by doing a search on YouTube for it's tags: David Zucker Albright

[Update: you CAN find the video by just searching for "David Zucker." I have no idea why adding "Albright" to the search changes things.]

Not only that, but Michelle had an inoffensive video completely removed from YouTube. That was a deliberate act by YouTube's moderators.

Ah, but meanwhile, here are the current video counts for searches of offensive words (don't click on the links if you don't actually want to see the words):

-the n-word: 1799 videos

-the c-word for certain female anatomy: 1976 videos

-the t-word for other certain female anatomy: 7906 videos

-the b-word: 23464 videos

-the f-bomb: 41636 videos

-the s-word: 50168 videos

And judging by a random sampling, very few of these videos have been either flagged as offensive or completely removed.

So to sum up YouTube's position based upon their choices:

Inoffensive videos with conservative content = flagged or banned.
Videos with truly offensive content = let the kids see it!

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