Sunday, June 03, 2007

LB:EF - The first few missions

First off, sorry about the delay. I had an issue with the latest update of the game and had to reinstall my copy. I don't know if anyone else has had the same problem or not. With my luck, it's just me. Anyway...

The first few missions in "Left Behind: Eternal Forces" are short and simple, so I will group them together.

Mission 1

Meet up with a friend and avoid gangs that attack you and rock musicians that drain your Spirit.

Mission 2

Recruit friends and bring them to an abandoned church while avoiding gangs and rock musicians.

Mission 3

Recruit more friends and build a cafe while avoiding violence.

Mission 4

Meet up with a friend, recruit a worship leader, recruit friends, build.

Mission 5

Train an evangelist, recruit another worship leader, recruit friends, build.

Lots of recruiting (i.e. "converting") and still no sign of "covert or kill." Well, except from the rock musicians and gangs, of course.

VE: 0
CK: 0
PS: 19 (previous score of 14 + 1 per mission)

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