Monday, February 11, 2008

LB:EF - Winning a few battles in my modest fight for the truth

So for a few months, I've been following what bloggers and journalists have been saying about Eternal Forces. Unsurprisingly, much of it is still based upon the falsehoods originally concocted by Jonathan Hutson of the Talk2Action website (which I will not link to on principle) and mindlessly repeated in the media and by left-wing, anti-evangelical groups. Virtually none of the people who have and are criticizing this game have ever seen it, much less actually played it. As I previously highlighted, neutral reviewers (and even one hostile one) utterly disagreed with the false portrayals of this game being spread around. I've been attempting to correct the record as much as I am capable.

For example, I recently found this article on Ars Technica - one of the neutral websites I cited. Originally, the article included this wrongfully altered screenshot originally created by the Talk2Action nitwits:

The religious symbols have been photoshopped in and absolutely do not represent what is actually going on in the scene. The armed and armored figures under the crosses are actually the Antichrist's forces who are targeting and killing Christians (i.e. the characters under the Jewish and Islamic symbols). Talk2Action couldn't even find a real, unaltered screenshot to fit their lies so they had to fabricate one. Utterly, sickeningly pathetic.

I brought this information up in the comments for the Ars Technica post and lo and behold they changed the screenshot! Of course, they didn't bother to note the change or issue any sort of apology to Left Behind Games for using the altered screenshot. Ah, well. The fact that they changed it is satisfaction enough for me. My thanks to Ars Technica for the correction and the restoration of my opinion about your website.

Sadly, not everyone has been so open to correction. Most of the people have chosen to continue to believe the lies because their hatred of evangelical Christians trumps their acceptance of facts. That doesn't surprise me in the least, however. Neither does it dissuade me. I will continue to spread the truth about this game as long as people continue to lie about it.

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