Sunday, March 30, 2008

Let's play... Spot the Moronic Liberal Bias!

You have 30 seconds to identify the moronic liberal bias in the following headlines. Ready? GO! If you need a hint, scroll down.

Bush Intercontinental crew finds fetus in jet toilet

Fetus found in airplane bathroom

Authorities investigate discovery of fetus on plane

Authorities investigate discovery in Texas of apparent fetus on plane from NYC

Apparent fetus found in Texas on plane that left NY

Hint: if they found a fetus - a FETUS - it should've been extremely easy to find the mother.

UPDATE: Oh, my, my, my. Well, the Associated Press seems to be schizophrenic or something because a month ago they described a prematurely born child as "a newborn baby." *gasp* Well, maybe that was because that baby lived, even though such a distinction is not made in any definition of the word "fetus."

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