Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Left Behind: Eternal Forces - Mission 27

Mission 27 is a continuation of a story arc involving a main character from the novels, whom you must protect from GCP attacks while you traverse the city. You are instructed to train a couple of soldiers and some musicians, but again, the musicians are far, far more effective at countering the attacks. This level also features a little something special that relies on you having paid attention to the information screens you get at the end of levels.

Mission 27

Recruit, train, build, protect, safely reach map coordinates and survive.

VE*: 0
CK*: 0
PS*: 38 (no change due to no "Peaceful mission" goal)

*Abbreviations: "VE" = number of times violence is encouraged, "CK" = number of times "convert or kill" is encouraged, "PS" = number of times a peaceful solution is encouraged.

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