Friday, April 08, 2005

CC latest breakdown brings an end to my dealings with him

One can only ping facts and logic off another person's skull for so long before it becomes tiring. Canadian Cynic was caught falsely portraying Tom DeLay as a liar in regards to his being part of the U.S. delegation to Pope John Paul II's funeral, but instead of admitting being caught, he's moved into the realms of subtly and not-so-subtly altering definitions and adding fabricated information (e.g. adding emphasis to the word "the" in the phrase "the U.S. delegation" to make it seem as if the phrase originally refered to only the official five-member U.S. delegation instead of both the official and unofficial delegations as one unit). And in fashion typical to him, he's resorted to childish name-calling and threatened to take the cowardly action of deleting comments (which is certainly his prerogative) that don't meet his extremely specific requirements (i.e. that I admit error when I am not in error). So I've had my say over there. He can read it and delete it if it makes him feel good. I no longer care. I will no longer visit or link to his blog. He's just not worth it anymore. In fact, now that I think about it, he never was worth it.


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