Thursday, May 19, 2005

GLSEN distributes pornographic materials to young kids

AgapePress and Article 8 Alliance are reporting on GLSEN's latest gay indoctrination event at a public school with young children in attendance:
GLSEN Boston's 15th Annual Conference was held at Brookline High School on April 30. Although the purported theme of the conference was "Challenging Intolerance -- Sustaining Hope," some conservatives feel a more fitting theme might have been "challenging public decency standards and sustaining moral outrage."

Among other things, the pro-homosexual network's "educational" conference featured distribution of pornographic materials encouraging homosexual acts. And according to at least two witnesses' estimates, the event was mostly attended by children of middle school age and up.

Brian Camenker, head of the Massachusetts conservative group Article 8 Alliance [CAUTION: Material not suitable for children], notes that among the first handouts distributed at the conference was something called "The Little Black Book." In a recent interview with American Family Radio news, he says he was scandalized at this graphically illustrated pamphlet, subtitled "Being Gay in the 21st Century," and at "the fact that this would be available to kids, the first thing you got when you got there. And when you saw this thing ... I can't even describe it on the radio -- it is essentially [explaining] how you can do various homosexual acts."

To counter the typical liberal accusation of "how can you condemn it if you haven't seen it," I actually did look at the pamphlet, which can be found on the A8A website (though I strongly warn everyone reading this to NOT look at it). My opinion of it is that it literally made me want to vomit both out of disgust and out of anger that homosexuals are exposing young kids to this UTTER CRAP. I am so livid right now, I can barely type. I'm holding back so many bad words right now. GLSEN has absolutely no business pulling stunts like this and "Fistgate" in public schools. It's time to shut them down for good. I don't give a rat's behind about you liberals and your cries for "tolerance" and "diversity" and "free speech." This garbage has absolutely nothing to do with those things. This is about homosexuals' indoctrination of young children. So take your defense of GLSEN and eat it. There's nothing you can say that will sufficiently defend them. GLSEN needs to be shut down NOW.

UPDATE: Kewlieluvr, a poster on the TheologyWeb forums with more intestinal fortitude than I, found this telling statement in the pamphlet's section on gay bars in Boston:
the bars have been a nexus of gay life for all ages

Oh, really?

UPDATE 2: I found this to be quite telling, too:
As has been reported by the Boston Herald and on many blogs, the Gay Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN) denied placing the Little Black Book (warning: nudity and extremely graphic descriptions of sexual acts) at an event attended by middle and high schools students.

All day GLSEN Boston denied the allegations saying the story was a lie of the "far right." Just tonight the denial has turned into an admission. The Superintendent of schools there has also issued a statement. Check out the links to read their admissions.

The links to GLSEN in that entry no longer contain the relevent information, however. Imagine that... They're covering their behinds, obviously. Too bad (for them, not us) they can't control other sources. Their denial can still be found here.

UPDATE 3: GLSEN Boston has finally updated their news page to address this issue. It's a nice little song and dance in order to dodge any responsibility. "It wasn't us! It was the one-armed man!" If a conservative group unwittingly had neo-Nazi or KKK materials at one of their events, I'm sure the left would be understanding and forgiving about it. "Oh, you didn't know? Well, that's okay." Yeah, right...


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