Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Kossacks say draft within 75 days

IMPORTANT NOTE: I've pre-dated post-dated this post to June 15th so that it stays on top. Please check below this post for other entries.

Well, the inmates at DailyKos have set a deadline for when they expect President Bush to start up the draft:
On March 31st, the Director of the Selective Service System (the SSS) is due to report to the Pentagon that the agency is ready to open 1,980 draft board offices around the country and be ready to operate lotteries by June 15th.


The only thing holding back the draft at this point appears to be Bush's losing fight on Social Security. He must wait until that vote is won or lost before he can take the unpopular and long-planned step of reinstating the draft.


The week after Social Security is voted up or down, expect legislation for the Skills Draft and Updated Medical Draft to appear on the Republican side. As soon as that goes through in the dead of some night, the draft will be reinstated soon after.

So there we have it, folks. We'll have the draft back by June 15th, thanks to legislation "the week after Social Security is voted up or down." Will the Kos Kids be proven right, or will they once again fall flat on their faces?

Oh, and do you wonder about the authenticity of this document which the Kos page links to as proof?

UPDATE: Well, the 31st has come and gone, and there is no word about any meeting between the Director of the Selective Service System and the Pentagon. No surprise there. Oh, but I bet it was a super-duper-ultra-mega-hush-hush-secret meeting. Yep. And they used the Cone of Silence, too.


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