Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Laura Ingraham has breast cancer

I just found out via Michelle Malkin. An announcement appears on Laura's website. Please pray for a successful treatment and her speedy recovery.

UPDATE: Today, Michelle Malkin points out that those wonderfully tolerant and compassionate members of the reality-based community (aka moonbats) on the Democratic Underground's forum are at it again. Just look at these wonderful expressions of concern and care, like this one:
I don't pray for Nazis or other Totalitarian Scum

They have caused too much pain to others.

On the other hand, perhaps I will do a bit of praying.

Yes, that she share, appropriately, the wing of Hell populated by Hitler's lower managmement, radio personalities, and writers from the Ministry of Propaganda.

Which is where her soul belongs in the Afterlife.

Excuse me, I have some praying to do.

Or this one:
She Probably Gave it to Herself...All that Hate, Lies, Anger...

Or this:
I Hope She Goes Into Remission

and ****ing chokes to death.

Nice. Real nice.

And then there are the various comments where people express their best wishes for her recovery, but then express their wishes that something else bad happens to her (e.g. "but I hope she goes bankrupt" and "but I hope her career is ruined by this"). If they think those hypocritical, hateful "prayers" are going to be heard, then they are sadly mistaken.

UPDATE 2: Well, despite the moonbats' best worst attempts to off her through prayer, Laura's surgery was successful:
Hey everyone! I am sitting here in bed with my wireless laptop wishing I was going to be on air today (Thursday) as I planned. Oh well, the post-op was a bit more taxing than I thought (I felt great when the anesthetic hadn't worn off!), so I'm not ready to rock and roll quite yet. I think I took a turn for the worse when in the middle of the night I turned on CNN to see Al Gore popping gasket about "extreme" judges at the moveon.hasbeens rally. Or was that Darrell Hammond from an old SNL? Anyway, it was a jolt to my system. Awaiting lab results now to see just how "angry" that breast tumor was, its "hormone receptivity," etc. This is jargon that I hope that none of you ever have to become familiar with, but sadly 1 in 9 women in this country do! I cannot wait until I can resume our daily conversation. You all are so important to me, and I hope you know how grateful I am. Until I am back behind the mic, stay with the show--we need your support--and please keep the prayers coming. To quote Pres. Bush, "I feel comforted in the storm when people pray for me. People ask me why, and I tell them because I can feel it."

Amen to that!


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