Sunday, April 24, 2005

ACLU thug gets stomped

Earlier this month, Kent Willis, head of the Virginia ACLU, wrote an extremely misleading and factually-deficient opinion piece claiming that the Boy Scouts were a "religious group." Thankfully, someone in the know set him straight:

I am an advancement chair with a local Boy Scout group. I can tell you that the literature Mr. Willis references is not required reading for any Scout. They are workbooks that Scouts can choose to review with their families and places of worship to further their own understanding of their faith.

These books are available in 33 different faiths, including Catholic, Episcopal, Lutheran, Protestant, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, Islamic, Zoroastrian, and many more.


While the BSA does make available a small patch in recognition of workbook completion, the actual medal earned is purchased and presented by the religious organization itself to the Scout at his place of worship.


Mr. Willis states that "religion in the Boy Scouts does not appear to be volun-tary." No Scout is ever forced or compelled to pray during our activities. If there is ever a reason that a Scout feels he cannot openly participate in something like grace before a meal, he would simply be en-couraged to be respectful to those who do wish to. The boys (and leaders) are always encouraged to observe "as is your custom," which leaves reverence open to all interpretations.

Please visit the page to read the rest of this intelligent, well-informed, and just plain awesome letter.

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