Tuesday, September 13, 2005

A pagan takes issue with me

Background: I sometimes (pretty rarely) post comments on this news aggregate page, which is (witches?) on a pagan website. In their Posting Rules, they make it clear that everyone is welcome to comment:
4. Wren's Nest is a Pagan venue, however it is also open to members of all religions and/or viewpoints and may be publicly viewed by anyone on the Internet.

Unfortunately, comments from Christians such as myself are not taken well by the pagan users there. A few months ago, I made a comment and shortly after found my email inbox inundated with pornography. It wasn't spam, either. These were requested pornographic emails in which someone had to actually input my email address themselves. Luckily, they all included links which allowed me to unsubscribe from them (though I now recieve more pornographic spam than I used to, which was virtually none). Additionally, some of them even recorded the IP address from which the requests originated. That IP address matched the IP address of someone who emailed me via the pagan news page. (The news page sends emails anonymously, but I had included the URL for S&B; in my comment, so they found my email address that way.)

Anyway, today I made one of my rare visits to the pagan news page and saw an entry that prompted me to add an even rarer comment. The entry in question wasn't actually news. It was a comment about this opinion piece, which is about a church opposing a haunted house on a neighboring property. The entry on the pagan page stated that the "church should be focusing on hurricane relief, not haunted house." After seeing other news entries on the pagan page about prayers at city council meetings and recent and upcoming "pagan pride" celebrations, the hypocrisy of the statement astounded me. So I posted a comment:
Pagans Should Be Focusing On

hurricane relief, not prayers at city council meetings and "pagan pride" events.

How was that comment taken? Well, take a look at a comment I just received here in my last post (which I will respond to point by point):
P.S. - Regarding your comments on WitchVox; Samhain is a religious holiday for us and we intend to honor our dead and celebrate it. There are currently several pagan oprganizations working to raise money and deliver food and water to areas hit by the storm.

Also, as was mentioned in the comments area of another entry on your blog, christians are also having concerts and festivals going on, so how about doing a little research first?

How about you tone down the condescension first? You obviously missed my point. If pagans are going to go on with their business of harassing city councils over the prayers they choose to lead their meetings with and continuing on with your "holidays" and "pagan pride" events, what right do any of you have to complain about a church taking issue with a haunted house? Apparently there is a double-standard when it comes to Christians.
Why do you continue to post on WitchVox anyway, passing judgement and trying to stir up trouble with your nasty comments?

(1) I post on WitchVox because I can and am not forbidden to.
(2) Exactly where was I "passing judgment" and "stir[ring] up trouble?" I see a lot of that in the comments made by pagans about Christians on that site, but I'd like to know where I was doing it in that comment.
(3) How was my comment "nasty?"

This next set of comments are simply astounding:
You don't see pagans stalking christian boards like that.

You mean other than yourself? Actually, yes, I do see that quite a bit.
Before you make the argument that we do - again, research needed here - how about visiting as many christian chat boards as you can find.

I saw it on Christianity.com's forums and see it currently on TheologyWeb.com's and Praize.com's forums.
If pagans are posting there, it's because someone from the board contacted them or (like you), went out of his/her way to register with a pagan site to pass on negativity and act like an ass because someone has different religious beliefs from him/her.

Oh, of course, because we all know that ALL pagans NEVER go out on their own to post comments on Christian forums.

If you believe that, can I sell you a bridge in New York City?
And people wonder why so many pagans are going back to practising in secret -

It couldn't be because they know that the religion is bogus and are embarassed by it, could it? Nah...
it's because even in our own environment we can't escape judgement and the spreading of misinformation by people like you.

Sorry, but judging by what I see in the comments made by pagans on WitchVox, judgment and spreading of misinformation about Christians is a regular, daily occurrance there.
If you were asking questions or had a sincere desire to learn, I would have no problem with you posting there and would respond with answers, but that isn't why you do it. You do it to be rude, nasty and to harrass the people who have valid reasons for using the site.

My comment was not rude, nasty or harrassing. If you don't like your hypocrisy pointed out to you, then stop being hypocritical.
We aren't bothering you.

No, you're only spreading lies and insults behind Christians' backs. What's that rule you guys supposedly live by? The Rule of Three or whatever? Whatever you do comes back to you multiplied by three? From what I've seen, a lot of you don't actually live by that rule.
Please leave us alone.

If you don't like me posting there, get the rules changed. Barring that, stop posting lies and hypocritical messages about Christians. I guarantee that if I have nothing to take issue with, I won't have anything to post about. You'll notice that I have never posted messages condemning you and demanding that you all become Christians.
At the very least know what the hell you're talking about before you post there.

I know very well what I'm talking about. You complain about Christians taking issue with a haunted house supposedly instead of concentrating on hurricane relief all while going on with your "holidays" and "pagan pride" events. Why don't you pagans concentrate on hurricane relief instead of your "holidays" and other events? Could you answer that for me, Shannon? Why the double-standard?
Since research isn't your strength I decided to pass these along to you.



I fail to see the point of this, Shannon. Is this supposed to prove that Christians haven't donated to the hurricane relief? Is it supposed to prove that the church in question didn't?


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