Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Cross-destroying professor apologizes

Michelle links us to the latest update:
The Northern Kentucky University professor who participated in an act of vandalism of a pro-life display has reversed her prior unrepentant position:

"I deeply regret my impulsive action in dismantling that display."

Yesterday she was put on leave until her retirement - she will not return to school. Jacobsen drew fire from even those sympathetic with her pro-abortion views and recieved a formal reprimand from NKU President James Votruba:

"This was a very serious lapse in judgment. You don't invite students to participate in breaking the law or inhibiting other's free speech. You just don't do that if you're a faculty member. And I think the university has responded appropriately but I also think you have to look at a career over 27 years..not just in terms of a single act."

Free speech certainly won a victory in this case and NKU should be congratulated for acting quickly and with integrity. We can appreciate and respond gracefully to Jacobsen's apology - hopefully it will also be made to the students with more than a simple statement of regret.

Thank you, Professor Jacobsen.


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