Tuesday, July 11, 2006

News from the world of embryonic and adult stem cell research

Scientists grow sperm from stem cells

Interesting headline, no? Seems like good news? Well, check out this bit of information that's buried in the article:
The experiment used embryo cells to produce seven baby mice, six of which lived to adulthood, though the survivors suffered problems of the kind also seen with cloning.


After transplant into female mice, seven babies resulted. Six developed into adult mice, though the animals were either too small or too large, and they died prematurely.

So how is all of this good news? One (or more) dead embryos = seven dead mice. To me, that's bad news.

Now here's some REAL good news:

Adult Stem Cell Research Breakthrough Produces Insulin for Diabetics

Read the whole article. It is very, very, VERY good news.


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