Sunday, October 22, 2006

I have ceased to be surprised and shocked by stuff like this

From Jim Sedlak of Renew America via Big Blue Wave:
The situation in South Dakota is beginning to get desperate for those who support the "right" to kill babies in the womb through medical and surgical abortions. Although publicly proclaiming that victory is in sight, the rank-and-file of the "pro-choice" movement in the state is becoming increasingly frustrated.


Vandals extensively damaged the interior of a volunteer's car. The perpetrator broke into the vehicle during a Sioux Falls youth rally.

Vandals spray-painted an unborn memorial sign at Bible Baptist Church in Brookings. Additionally, the culprits attacked more than 100 crosses staked in remembrance of those aborted. Four of the 826 crosses displayed were destroyed.

Vandals spray-painted the wall of O'Gorman Catholic High School in Sioux Falls with a slogan opposing the law.

Spray-painting of the South Dakota State University Newman Center church (directly tied to the cemetery of the innocents next to the church, which was also vandalized).

Vote Yes signs in Rapid City stolen

Vote Yes signs in Sioux Falls set ablaze

Vote Yes signs in Sioux Falls spray-painted with coat hangers

Vote Yes signs in Sioux Falls stolen (20 in one night alone)

In one of the more outrageous incidents, a number of the Vote Yes signs were spray-painted with a stencil. The top of the stencil is an outline of a baby in the womb (approximately 10 weeks of age) complete with an umbilical cord. Under the baby's outline is the two word slogan — "Eat Babies."

These people support the violence of slaughtering innocent babies. Is it then any surprise that they commit violence elsewhere against those that defend the unborn?

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