Friday, April 04, 2008

How to end the Iraq War, liberal style

A liberal caller on C-SPAN this morning:
"I grew up during World War II and we were at war then and I think I know how to end this war. The Democrats did it during World War II. They nationalized all of the industries, and Ford Motor Company and General Motors and Chrysler - they did not build automobiles. They built tanks and they built jeeps and they built airplanes. If we were to nationalize the automobile industry and have no new automobiles until the war was over in this country, the people who want their new cars and their big vehicles would see that this war ended in a hurry."

I literally doubled-over in gales of laughter.

Listen to it yourself here (jump to the call from Illinois at 9:23 am ET).

Conservative Underground poster linda22003 had this to say:
Didn't those two big bombs have something to do with it? I seem to remember reading that things wrapped up pretty quickly after those were dropped.

Silly Linda! Don't deny liberals' revisionist history with inconvenient truths! *grin*

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