Sunday, August 07, 2011

PZ scrubs an embarrassing post. UPDATE: Then unscrubs it! UPDATE 2: Comments scrubbed! UPDATE 2.1: Or maybe not.

This is funny! Yesterday (Saturday, August 6th), PZ posted this on his blog:

American Patriarchy News wants to poll you on their god

August 6th, 2011 PZ Myers

Today is the day of Governor Rick Perry’s crazy prayer rally in Houston. It’s going to fizzle: Reliant Stadium seats 75,000, and only 8,000 tickets have been sold (if you go, please get pictures of the sea of empty seats); he invited all 50 governors of the US to attend, only one said he would (Throwback Brownback of Kansas), and even he apparently hasn’t made travel arrangements, so it’s more like he said he would but won’t. And then it’s going to be populated with odious villains like Hagee and Dobson and Perkins on the stage, and is paid for by the gay-hatin’ American Patriarchy Association.

What’s really sad about this monstrous promise to violate separation of church and state and to pander to the most hateful lunatics of the extremist religious right is that it might just work…American evangelicals will just love Governor Godhair.

Here’s a nice little evangelical poll prompted by Perry’s folly.

Do America and its leaders need God’s guidance?

Without a doubt – 58.86%
Probably – 0.25%
No – 40.89%

As reported, however, 30,000 (and probably more) showed up for the event. Here's a brief video showing the crowd:

I posted both the video and a news report highlighting these facts on PZ's blog. In response, his mindless PZombies (fans) reacted in their typical fashion: with hate, vitriol, vulgarity, and moving the goalposts (e.g. "Only 30,000? That place seats 75,000!"). Not only that, but PZ scrubbed the post from his blog! Here's the original link, which redirects to his front page:

American Patriarchy News wants to poll you on their god

It's supposed to appear between his posts "Episode CCXLI: Squidgirl" and "Brazil needs your help."

However... you can still access (and comment) on the post using a link to one of the comments (a quirk -- or glitch -- of his new digs, I guess). To wit:

Comment #1

Oops! lol!

UPDATE 1: He put it back! lol! I totally caught him and he put it back! Convenient. Now he can lie and deny that he ever hid it.

UPDATE 2: Now he's scrubbing comments! Not just mine, but everyone who responded to or after me! lol! This just gets better and better!

UPDATE 2.1 Or maybe not. For some reason, when I go to the post in Firefox, it isn't showing posts after a certain point. I see them in Chrome, though. Weird. Must be another "quirk" of the crappy new host system over there.

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