Sunday, May 22, 2005

Bizarre criticism in an article on Ken Ham's Creation Museum

I'm trying to figure out how the following section is relevent to the subject of this article:
The Rev. Mendle Adams, pastor of St. Peter's United Church of Christ in Pleasant Ridge, takes issue with Ham's views — and the man himself.

"He takes extraordinary liberties with Scripture and theology to prove his point," Adams said. "The bottom line is, he is anti-gay, and he uses that card all the time."

Ham says homosexual behavior is a sin. But he adds that he's careful to condemn the behavior, not the person.

Uh... Huh? What exactly does a person's view on homosexuality - good or bad - have to do with the issue of Creationism vs. evolution? Absolutely nothing! Then why did they include it? Why, for the cheap fundamentalist Christian bashing, of course.


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