Saturday, June 04, 2005

The MSM would be silent had it been Bibles...

Michelle Malkin gives us a satisfying rundown of the media's latest bout of bias involving the Koran "abuses" at Gitmo. Go read it all, but I'll still sum it up as such: "Where's the beef?" There have been confirmed incidents of mishandlings and desecratings of the Koran at Gitmo, yes, but they are so few and far between and those personnel responsible were appropriately punished. It's really a non-story and there's definitely nothing to justify Newsweek's ridiculous article a few weeks ago.

Oh, and nevermind the Koran abuses Muslim prisoners themselves have committed. The MSM just barely reported on those. Typical.

Ms. Malkin also includes this email from a National Guardsman who had been stationed at Gitmo:
Your article describing the treatment of detainees and their access to books other than the Koran is accurate. The detainees also have their own medical facility and an exercise yard where they run, play soccer and engage in other physical activities.

I know these things because I was a guard there from Dec. 2002 to Sept. 2003. I was in a National Guard infantry unit assigned to man the towers inside and the checkpoints around Camp Delta. I have seen these things firsthand.

I will never forget seeing an MP waiting at Guantanamo Bay Naval Hospital after being splattered by a detainees bodily fluids. You never hear about these incidents in the media and you never hear about MP's having to be tested for hepatitis and other infections due to these incidents.

Gitmo, like most detention facilities, will never approach any state of perfection. However, from what I have observed, most injuries to detainees were self-inflicted, such as attempted suicides.

That notwithstanding, the general atmosphere is not threatening. I cannot count the number of times a detainee would look up at me in one of the towers and give me a friendly smile and wave.

Prior to our units deployment to Gitmo we were trained to look for any sign of abuse toward the detainees and report it immediately. We were given cards with specific steps to take if such an event occured. This card became an inspectable item that we had to carry in our uniform shirt pocket when on duty.

This was all done to drive home to us the idea that we were there to do three specific things. We were to keep out unathorized personnel, prevent the escape of detainees, and ensure the safety of the detainees.

Hardly sounds like Amnesty International's "gulag." One has to wonder if AI has even seen Gitmo and talked to the military personnel and the prisoners.

What gets me about all this, though, is the fact that the Koran is being singled out - particularly by the MSM - for special reverence. Do you think the MSM and the rest of the left would be so outraged had Bibles been abused? Would there have been as much media coverage? Of course not. After all, the Bible is just a collection of myths that right-wing fundamentalists use to justify killing gays and bombing abortion clinics. Abusing it is no big deal. The same goes for the Torah. The MSM would be completely silent on the issue of Bible and Torah abuses just as they have been for countless years about known and confirmed abuses of the two books in anti-Christian and anti-Jewish countries.


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