Tuesday, April 25, 2006

A Day of Truth to counter the Day of Silence

Once again, tomorrow is GLSEN's nationwide "Day of Silence" event, where gay middle school (no, really) and high school students are encouraged to clam up for the entire day in order to educate us slack-jawed homophobes about what the world would be like without them. Considering the typical Christian-bashing, half- to totally-naked, sex-in-public-filled "gay pride" events and parades that are their standard fare, this "Day of Silence" is a refreshing change, however brief it is.

In response, the Alliance Defense Fund is encouraging Christian students to participate in a nationwide "Day of Truth" on the following day. In a nation where students like Tyler Chase Harper regularly find their freedom of speech and religious rights violated, the "Day of Truth" is sorely needed.

Please pray for all the students participating in both days.


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