Monday, April 24, 2006

Michelle Malkin forced to move due to left-wing threats

It seems the liberals are proving to be far more violent than they portray themselves to be:
After nationally syndicated columnist and blogger Michelle Malkin posted the e-mail addresses and phone numbers of three members of Students Against War, they received a flood of obscene and harassing messages from around the country, including death threats. When a liberal Web site, in retaliation, published Malkin's cell phone number and home address, a full-blown blog war ensued.

"I am now forced to remove one of my children from school and move my family," Malkin wrote Thursday in an e-mail to the Sentinel.

Furthermore, many liberals are oozing with pride over this outcome:

Democrat Underground: "Malkin forced to move after personal details published" (WARNING: extremly vulgar and hateful remarks)

AN EXCELLENT ENDING (this is a lawyer, believe it or not - I guess he's happy there's some potential business for him)

Brian Maloney shows the distinction between what Michelle did and what the people attacking her are doing:
Mentioned in the piece, but not properly emphasized, is that SAW intended for public disclosure of their personal information, while Malkin gave no such authorization.

Yes, liberals. There is a HUGE difference.

I've sent an email to SC Sentinel staff writer Roger Sideman (who authored the article at the beginning of this post) to see if he knew if any of the students whose information Michelle posted were forced to move. My guess is that they weren't.

So I guess all this goes to show that while both sides have idiots who make death threats against people, the liberals are far more likely to actually do things that cause people to fear for their (and their kids') safety enough that they have to move.


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