Sunday, April 23, 2006

I swear I must be psychic*

So the other day, I was wondering about whatever happened to this guy:

Since being exposed as a tried-and-true Democrat, I thought he might have crawled back under his rock for good.

I was wrong.

Note the line: "Eddy has been a registered Republican for the past 33 years." The SF Chronicle is the same place that removed his photo previously when he was proven to be a Democrat. Go figure. Maybe they forgot. In any case, even if he IS a registered Republican, that means nothing if he is donating to (two links there) and voting for Democrats. As the saying goes, if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck... I mean, seriously. Wouldn't most honest (and sane) people have just changed their party affiliation instead of claiming to be a Republican while giving money and votes to Democrats? When I switched parties, I didn't go around dishonestly saying I was a Democrat who was ashamed of the DNC.

*sigh* Lies and lying liars...

The denizens of the Democrat Underground have noticed, too, of course. At least some of them are being honest about this guy's true political affiliations (unlike Canadian Cynic).

BTW, have you ever noticed (as I did) how professional his sign is? Printed, laminated... It even has holes with metal rings in the corners so it can be hung like a banner! It's like something you'd expect a major party - like, oh, the DNC - to produce. Vedy intedestink...

*No, I actually don't believe in psychic powers. It's dang eerie, though.

[Much thanks to my fellow conservatives at Conservative Underground - particularly LibraryLady for finding this latest appearance of Mr. Actually-Should-Be-Ashamed-Of-Being-A-Liar and crockspot for originally busting him back in September.]

UPDATE: Welcome Wizbang readers! If you been having trouble accessing S&B; like I have, my apologies. Blogger seems to be punchy today. (Lots of sites seem punchy today, it seems.)

Anyway, Wizbang's Kevin provides some more updates:
We've requested a comment from Chronicle reporter Carla Marinucci, and her editors, as to how this guy managed to get attached to yet another story of hers.

Update: SFGate news director Vlae Kershner responds:

I don't see anything wrong with running a photo of any protester at a public event, including him. We also have a photo of a pro-Bush citizen, a treatment that reflects both sides.

However, I share your concern that Mr. Eddy is misleading the public. To give readers a more complete picture, we changed the caption to reflect the fact that besides being a registered Republican he's also a Democratic donor and frequent Bush protester.

Which makes sense, and sure enough they've changed the picture caption from:

Jeb Eddy of Palo Alto voices his displeasure with the Bush Administration. Eddy has been a registered Republican for the past 33 years. Chronicle photo by Michael Macor


Jeb Eddy of Palo Alto voices his displeasure with the Bush Administration. Eddy, a registered Republican but Democratic donor, is a frequent protester at pro-Bush events. Chronicle photo by Michael Macor


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