Wednesday, April 26, 2006

The left continues to hijack the English language

Hispanic Attorney Says Using Term Illegal Alien Racial Slur
Appearing on KLIF Radio’s Gregg Knapp show, attorney Domingo Garcia said that using the terms illegal alien or illegal immigrant is a “racial slur”. Garcia said that those who use it, in reference to Hispanics, are racist.

Knapp advised Garcia that using the term “illegal aliens” or “illegal immigrants” is an accurate term applied to [their] legal vs. illegal status in the country and a true depiction of the fact that they are illegal. Garcia said: “Using words like illegal alien is like calling people derogatory names…like calling people nigger!”

Clue to the clueless: those terms aren't limited to one particular ethnic group. People from Asia, Europe, Africa, Australia or South America who enter this country illegally are illegal aliens/immigrants, too. The thing is that illegal immigration from Mexico is a serious problem right now, so the use of those terms tends to be directed at Hispanics right now, but that does not make them racial slurs.


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