Friday, June 27, 2008

What hitting the nail on the head looks like

Blogger "The Truth Hurts" at Memphis, Etc has some great, great thoughts about the recent Supreme Court Heller decision about Washington D.C.'s gun ban:
It’s still stupid and absurd because it SHOULD have been a 9-0 slam dunk.

It’s not legalese here, it’s GRAMMAR!

The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

The People = Citizens of the United in We The People
Keep = have, own
Bear = carry

Thus we have : The citizens’ right to own and carry arms shall not be infringed.

How simple can it be?

Well, that's the thing with these liberal judges. Nothing is simple. They believe the U.S. Constitution is a "living document" whose meaning changes as society changes. Or in rational terms, they just make crap up as they go according to their liberal beliefs and goals and the Constitution be damned! You see, this is the same mentality that gave us a "right to abortion" 35 years ago even though no such thing exists in the Constitution.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Canada... AGAIN!

Please take the time to lock up any heavy objects in your home, because this story is going to want to make you forcibly hurl them.

A Canadian court has lifted a 12-year-old girl's grounding, overturning her father's punishment for disobeying his orders to stay off the Internet, his lawyer said Wednesday.

The girl had taken her father to Quebec Superior Court after he refused to allow her to go on a school trip for chatting on websites he tried to block, and then posting "inappropriate" pictures of herself online using a friend's computer.


According to court documents, the girl's Internet transgression was just the latest in a string of broken house rules. Even so, Justice Suzanne Tessier found her punishment too severe.

There are just no words sufficient, are there?

Courtesy: Jeffery Overstreet.


Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Canadian school investigates sex abuse claim based on a psychic reading

Stupid, stupid, stupid.
Colleen Leduc already had a lot going against her. The Barrie woman was holding down a job while struggling to raise her autistic 11-year-old daughter. She couldn't afford to give the child the intensive therapy she needed, and was forced to send her to a public school in the area.

So she was completely unprepared for what happened to her and the youngster, an almost unbelievable tale of red tape involving a strange claim from a teaching assistant, a bizarre decision by a school board, a visit from the Children's Aid Society (CAS) and most improbably of all, the incorrect pronouncements of a psychic.

Leduc's weird tale began on May 30, when she dropped young Victoria off for class at Terry Fox Elementary and headed in to work, only to receive a frantic phone call from the school telling her it was urgent she come back right away.

The frightened mother rushed back to the campus and was stunned by what she heard - the principal, vice-principal and her daughter's teacher were all waiting for her in the office, telling her they'd received allegations that Victoria had been the victim of sexual abuse - and that the CAS had been notified.

How did they come by such startling knowledge? Leduc was incredulous as they poured out their story.

"The teacher looked and me and said: 'We have to tell you something. The educational assistant who works with Victoria went to see a psychic last night, and the psychic asked the educational assistant at that particular time if she works with a little girl by the name of "V." And she said 'yes, I do.' And she said, 'well, you need to know that that child is being sexually abused by a man between the ages of 23 and 26.'"

It comes as no surprise that this happened in Canada. What does come as a surprise is why any of those people are still employed. Hopefully that will be remedied soon. Unfortunately, the damage has been done and firing them won't ever fix it.

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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I gotta give a lot of Democrats credit

The majority of them admit they can see the bias in the main-stream media:

Voters Give Media Failing Grades in Objectivity for Election 2008

Just 17% of voters nationwide believe that most reporters try to offer unbiased coverage of election campaigns. A Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey found that four times as many—68%--believe most reporters try to help the candidate that they want to win.

The perception that reporters are advocates rather than observers is held by 82% of Republicans, 56% of Democrats, and 69% of voters not affiliated with either major party. The skepticism about reporters cuts across income, racial, gender, and age barriers.

I would've guessed quite a bit lower than 56% - in the 30-40% range - so I'm pleasantly surprised.

Of course, maybe that just means that the media bias is so blatantly obvious that even Democrats have to admit it.

There's lots of other very interesting results on that poll, so read up.

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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

AAIIEEEEE!!!! The number of the Beast!!!

From my Sitemeter stats:

Total 66,666
Average Per Day 66

Actually, I don't really care. I'm not some numerologist kook looking for 666 everywhere. ("Ronald Wilson Reagan!!!!" Sorry.) That chapter from Revelation (13) is full of symbolism, yet some people seem to think the 666 mark is absolutely literal and people will have little 666s on their foreheads or hands. That may make for interesting fiction, but I don't think if fits in with the rest of that chapter.

Atheist makes video game that eclipses the false accusations about "Eternal Forces"

As I have already shown, "Left Behind: Eternal Forces" was smeared by atheists and others with false accusations of "convert or kill" violence. Yet now along comes a new game created by an atheist coward in which the goal is to go back in time and slaughter Abraham, authors of the books of the Bible, and Muhammed, thus putting an end to Christianity and Islam (and presumably Judaism, too). Wow. Just wow. I bet not many atheists will condemn (much less even mention) this game like they did "Eternal Forces."

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Monday, June 02, 2008

Expelled wins, Yoko loses

NY judge: Film can use John Lennon song
Yoko Ono lost her legal bid Monday to stop the playing of a 15-second excerpt of John Lennon's song "Imagine" in a film challenging the theory of evolution.

Lennon's widow had sued the makers of "Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed," saying they used the ex-Beatle's anthem without her permission.

Ono, who had sought a preliminary injunction before the movie gets a wider release, said she would appeal. The other plaintiffs were Lennon's sons, Sean and Julian.

U.S. District Judge Sidney Stein ruled that if the case went to court, the filmmakers would probably win under the fair use doctrine.

"That doctrine provides that the fair use of a copyrighted work for the purposes of criticism and commentary is not an infringement of copyright," Stein wrote in his decision in Manhattan federal court.


Sunday, June 01, 2008

Separated at birth?


Clinton supporter Harriet Christian:

And the late Kathleen Freeman in the 1987 Dan Akroyd/Tom Hanks comedy "Dragnet":

It's uncanny, I tell ya!

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