Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Call me a racist. Go ahead. I dare you.

I do not support President Obama's agendas. I think he is the worst president we've had since Carter. I think he is destroying America with his foolish and reckless policies. Am I racist? According to many on the left, I am, especially since I don't see racism in many of the criticisms against Obama. Just look at this ridiculous screed from Keith Olbermann:

Are there racists among those who oppose Obama? More than likely. Are they the majority or the loudest voices? Absolutely not!

But notice Olbermann's argument against Rush Limbaugh. He says Limbaugh saying a recent bus fight was motivated by racism is racist because the police have said they didn't think the fight was motivated by racism. Okay, so then are Olbermann, his guests, and others on the left who are pushing this meme racists now that President Obama has come out several times stating that he doesn't think the criticisms against him are motivated by racism? And why haven't they stopped spreading this nonsense? Don't they care what their Dear Leader has said on the issue? Do they think he's lying? (Now THAT would be a refreshing change!)

I'd also like to point out that Olbermann mentions the alleged shout of "Kill him!" at a Sarah Palin rally. That story was completely dismissed by none other than the Secret Service itself. Why am I not surprised that Olbermann either doesn't know that or doesn't care to admit it?

The majority of the rest of Olbermann's examples of racism are either out of context or just plain wrong. Ironic, considering his comments about context. What is also ironic is his pointing out types of signs and images that people on the left used in regards to George W. Bush (and still do to some extent). The left also portrayed Bush as a monkey, as the devil, and - many, many, many, many times - as Hitler. Do it to Obama, though, and suddenly it's racist? Go figure.

So go ahead and call me racist. It will only prove that you have no actual, legitimate, rational, intelligent arguments to make.

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Thursday, September 03, 2009

Minnesota DFL's underhanded fund-raising at State Fair

I just found out about this. The DFL is selling mini-donuts at the Minnesota State Fair to raise funds, but they are deliberately hiding the fact that they are running the booth. Here's a copy of the letter they sent out to workers:

(Click to enlarge.)

What a bunch of weasels! I doubt contacting the DFL will do any good, so instead, contact the people at the State Fair in charge of concessions/exhibits at (651) 288-4456. One thing I'm wondering, too, is if it is legal to raise political funds without letting people know to whom they are going.

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