Monday, March 31, 2008

1,000th post!!!

Woah! I just noticed on my Blogger "dashboard" that the previous post was post #1,000! Huzzah! It took me 3 years, 6 months, 4 days to reach that number. How time flies...

Your uplifting story for the day

Cancer patient's PSP, medicine, homework stolen
In Dallas, Texas, while a 7-year-old boy headed to his chemotherapy appointment Tuesday, thieves were at work on his family’s car, making off with his medicine, school homework, and video games. If that wasn’t enough, it all happened on the day before his birthday.

There are lots of jerks and monsters in the world. Fortunately, they're outnumbered by fine, upstanding human beings:
When authorities heard about Kyle’s situation, they stepped up. Officers presented Kyle with a new PSP, video games, movies, and money for his medication at the Children’s Medical Center.

In just two and a half hours, officers from the Dallas Police Department raised more than $1,000 for Kyle.

God bless those officers! Well done, guys!

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Let's play... Spot the Moronic Liberal Bias!

You have 30 seconds to identify the moronic liberal bias in the following headlines. Ready? GO! If you need a hint, scroll down.

Bush Intercontinental crew finds fetus in jet toilet

Fetus found in airplane bathroom

Authorities investigate discovery of fetus on plane

Authorities investigate discovery in Texas of apparent fetus on plane from NYC

Apparent fetus found in Texas on plane that left NY

Hint: if they found a fetus - a FETUS - it should've been extremely easy to find the mother.

UPDATE: Oh, my, my, my. Well, the Associated Press seems to be schizophrenic or something because a month ago they described a prematurely born child as "a newborn baby." *gasp* Well, maybe that was because that baby lived, even though such a distinction is not made in any definition of the word "fetus."

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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Don't leave your houses or cars unlocked in Morris, Minnesota...

...because Professor PZ Myers of the U of M there might decide to break into them like he broke into a teleconference by the "Expelled" filmmakers:
Some of you know that the producers of Expelled had a conference call this afternoon…a carefully controlled, closed environment in which they would spout their nonsense and only take questions by email. I listened to it for a while, and yeah, it was the usual run-around. However, I dialed in a few minutes early, and got to listen to a tiresome five minutes of Leslie and Paul chatting away, during which time they mentioned the secret code (DUNH DUNH DUNNNNH!) for the two way calls. I know. Sloppy, unprofessional, and stupid, but that's the way they work.

So … I redialed. (DUNH DUNH DUNNNNH!)

Then I listened along quietly until I could take no more.


So I interrupted. I said, in essence, hang on -- you guys are spinning out a lot of lies here, you should be called on it. I gave a quick gloss on it, and said that, for instance, anti-semitism has a long history in Germany that preceded Darwin, and that they ought to look up the word "pogrom". There was some mad rustling and flustering about on the other side of the phone some complaints, etc., and then one of them asked me to do the honorable thing and hang up…so I said yes, I would do the honorable thing and hang up while they continued the dishonorable thing and continued to lie.

And then when asked to leave the teleconference, he plugged himself!
Then I announced that if any reporters were listening in, they could contact me at [email protected] and I'd be happy to talk to them.

What an arrogant, conniving, lying, hypocritical little toad! By this logic, I would've been justified in using the debit card I found on the ground yesterday for my own benefit. By this logic, people could break into unlocked cars and houses and steal stuff and blame it on the owners. An honorable, decent person would've done nothing with the accidentally overheard code (though I question if it was accidental - he called in early for a reason). But PZ lacks any sense of honor, decency or decorum and he's so full of himself now after this little dust up of him getting kicked out of a screening of "Expelled." The attention he's received because of it has gone to his head and, like a spoiled child, he wants more. Expect more stunts like this from him in the future.

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Monday, March 24, 2008

Grab your hankies, folks

This is just a wonderful story:
Five-year-old Gaven Cox was given one wish to do anything he wanted.

Instead of asking to go to Sea World or to meet Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo, Gaven modestly asked for some McDonald's food. The child's parents laughed and told him to make another choice.

"He told us he wanted to be an Army soldier," said Melissa Heminger, Gaven's mom. "I was a little bit surprised that he asked for McDonald's, but in reality, he wanted to be a soldier since he was 3."

It's a tear-jerker, so keep those hankies or tissues near and read the rest here.

(Special thanks for Conservative Underground's "patriot45" for this one.)

Sunday, March 23, 2008


The ever-predictable, never-original left-stream media does it again:

"grim milestone"

Expect more in the morning. Sheesh!


Monday, March 17, 2008

It ain't about green beer

"Daily I expect murder, fraud or captivity,
but I fear none of these things because of the promises of heaven.
I have cast myself into the hands of God almighty
who rules everywhere."
--St. Patrick

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

How the lying left-stream media works

The above video shows how obviously tongue-in-cheek Glenn Beck's question about Obama being the Antichrist is. The following link shows exactly how the liars on the left work:

How the liberal media works

And the most hilarious part is that Beck predicted exactly what would happen:

GLENN: By the way, this is all going to be transcribed by Media Matters today as a completely dead serious conversation.

GRAY: I know, I know.

GLENN: It's going to be great. There are going to be media alerts: Glenn Beck announces Obama is the antichrist. You watch. It's going to be everywhere. (Laughing.).

For fellow "Lost" fans

This guy's videos about the show are really, really good. Very thoughtful and thought-provoking.

Check out his other "Lost" videos here.

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Ah! Sweet, sweet Schadenfreude!

Please excuse my gales of laughter. I just can't help it.

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Saturday, March 08, 2008

New TV series: Silencing Christians

Check it out here. Looks like a winner.

LB:EF - Mission 20 (complete)

I actually was finally able to complete this level. I saw in the latest update that they toned down the difficulty of some of the levels and this was one of them, so I retried it. This time around, I wasn't overwhelmed by the GCP forces and they started appearing later, giving me more time to get enough Praisers to counter them. Other than that, the level was the same as I described previously.

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Saturday, March 01, 2008

Virginia just became my favorite state in the Union

Virginia Cuts All Government Funding to Planned Parenthood
RICHMOND, VA, February 29, 2008 ( - The Virginia Senate decided to end taxpayer funding to abortion provider Planned Parenthood on Wednesday. Lt. Governor Bill Bolling cast the tie-breaking vote and approved the amendment to the state budget following the 20-20 tie vote among senators.

Attorney general hopeful Sen. Ken Cuccinelli II introduced the amendment. He explicitly attacked Planned Parenthood's abortion programs. "What we are doing is financing an abortion-mill operator," Cuccinelli said. "This will deny them that money."

YES!!! Let's hope and pray this gets the ball rolling for other states.

Oh, and I think this woman is smoking some serious wacky weed:
Sen. Janet D. Howell, argued that Planned Parenthood's contraceptive programs lead to a decreased number of abortions. "The irony is, Planned Parenthood probably prevents more abortions than any other organization in the country," said Howell.

Yeah, right!

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Silent prayer found to be "disorderly conduct"

Lawyers for a team of Christians convicted of disorderly conduct for praying at a "gay" fest in a public park in Elmira, N.Y., are promising an appeal of the verdict that left them with $100 fines.

Joel Oster, of the Alliance Defense Fund, said an appeal will be filed in Chemung County court for Julian and Gloria Raven, Maurice Kienenberger and Walter Quick, all of Elmira, who were ordered to pay $95 apiece in court costs in addition to the $100 fines.

Oster told the Star-Gazette newspaper that the police in the United States simply are not supposed to arrest people if someone else may be upset by their message.

The Supreme Court has ruled in cases involving "sit-in" protests, he said, that authorities cannot arrest blacks just because they were making white people angry.

(Story continues below)

"The police have a duty to protect the speaker," he told the court, according to the Star-Gazette.

"Choosing to exercise your First Amendment rights in a public place is not a crime," Oster said just before going into the trial.

At issue is the arrest of seven Christians at a "gay pride" event in Wisner Park in Elmira in 2007. Julian and Gloria Raven and several others entered the park to pray silently for the participants of the event celebrating homosexual behavior. Charges against three later were dropped, and only the four went to trial.

Officials with the ADF noted that the materials advertising the event said everyone was invited and it was open to the public. "The group did not draw a disorderly response from event participants," the ADF said.

According to the newspaper report, Police Sgt. Sharon Moyer told the court she warned Julian Raven that his rights at the event were limited.

He earlier said she had told him not to cross the street, go into the park or talk to anyone.

"He said he was there to preach the word of God," Moyer told the court, the newspaper reported. "I explained he was welcome to be there (at the festival), but he would not be allowed to confront the participants."

She accused the street preacher of being antagonistic.

Raven, however, said it was Moyer who was "aggressive from the get-go" and said her orders amounted to a deprivation of his rights.

"It seems oxymoronic to say that by walking silently in a public park, with heads bowed, these people somehow disturbed the peace," Oster said of the case earlier. "From the sit-ins of the 1960s to today, courts have repeatedly ruled that the police cannot arrest those who peacefully express their message in public places."

The ADF said the issues are no less than the freedoms of speech and religion.

"If this violation of these Christians' rights is allowed to stand, the First Amendment rights of all people of faith are in jeopardy," the ADF said.

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