Monday, December 21, 2009


I've removed Haloscan and restored Blogger's comment function. Link to the comment pop-up is below each individual post (i.e. to comment, open each post using the time-stamp link, then look for the comment link).

Friday, December 18, 2009


Well, the last couple months were interesting, unfortunately. My family - everyone except my wife - caught H1N1 the first part of October. Thankfully, our children fared well, particularly the baby. At the time we didn't know it was H1N1. They tested us for influenza, but they didn't tell us that the test detects H1N1 and the seasonal flu as the same. There is a $400 test specifically for H1N1, which they didn't do because they knew H1N1 was the only flu in the area. Of course, no one told us this, so we thought we all had the seasonal flu. It was only later that we learned it was H1N1.

We were all put on Tamiflu and my kids got over the symptoms within a week. I, unfortunately, had the added hindrance of having asthma, so I was coughing for much longer and having blood coming from my lungs. They tested my sputum and found atypical cells. These can be caused by a variety of reasons: from irritation/inflammation to cancer. I had both a CT scan and a bronchoscopy done. They found a small nodule deep in my left lung which they will at least keep an eye on for the next couple years. If it shows any growth, they will remove it. Nothing else was found and I've gotten over my coughing problem, so I think it was all just from a combination of the H1N1 and my asthma.

I've been considering shifting the focus for this blog. I'm sick of politics, but I am still very interested in how society and Christianity interact, particularly when injustices are perpetrated against Christians. For example:

I'm heavily leaning towards concentrating on stories like those.

Meanwhile, Haloscan is changing to a pay service for comment hosting and, while inexpensive, I really don't have the desire to pay money for something that Blogger provides for free. My initial reason for switching to Haloscan was due to Blogger's poor design for comments. Since then, however, Blogger has made a number of improvements. Hopefully I can get the settings and template reverted correctly to make Blogger-based comments show up, however I don't think I can retroactively add them to previous posts without completely redoing every post.

That's all the recent news I have. Sorry about all the silence. I hope to get back to posting more regularly soon. Take care and God bless!

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